Ongoing independent writing blog IntersectingInterests.wordpress.com.


I Already Know My Body is Politics‘, about women artists and landscape art, and features the work of two emerging Irish artists, Ciara Callinan and Lyndsey McDougal, published on Bloomers Writers Section, August-September 2018

Review of Sarah Walker’s ‘Trees Drawings on the Sky’, Oliver Sears Gallery, published in the Visual Artists Newsletter, July-August 2018

A Window Into Lagos Art Festival Season’ published on CIRCA Magazine’s Art Routes April 2018

Portraits In Motion’ ICAF Lagos residency report, published in the Visual Artists Newsletter March 2018

Belfast School of Art Degree Show: Zara Lyness‘ in Circa Art Magazine‘s Degree Shows 2017: Writers’ Choice July 2017More to come in 2018…

Joy Gerrard’s ‘shot crowd’ at the RHA‘ in Circa Art Magazine: This Matters Now Feb 2017

‘Rethinking the terms of political engagement in arts research and practice’ in Mind the Gap! Working papers on practice-based doctoral research in the creative arts and media, edited by Desmond Bell

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