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Moving Image Artwork

My Dear

My Dear is a response to the escalating situation of asylum seekers living in Israel in 2018. The Israeli government decided to send asylum seekers, prior to fully considering their asylum requests, to Uganda and Rwanda as a deportation method. Many sectors and communities in Israel are protesting this decision, which has been called out as a violation of human rights by the UN. The video was created to be part of such a protest organised by Minshar School of Art in Tel-Aviv in March 2018.



Visa Application Appendix 11/c

The work stems from conversations with Lagos locals about the global situation of migration. The application processes for travel to many countries in Europe and the US/Canada require various proof of stability and ties to the land: a stable job, large sums of money in the bank. The evaluation of one’s status is based on the idea that a young person from a poor country is necessarily a (potentially illegal) migrant.



As part of the project I spent a day with each of the three subjects, learning how they feel about Iwaya, what they like to do, and what they’d like to do. The conversation started with each with an explanation of their name, its meaning in Yoruba, and their relationship with their name. The videos were then loaded into mobile devices and placed back within the community in unexpected locations: a drinks fridge, a food counter, a shelf in a local shop, a puddle in the street.

An edit of excerpts from the moving image work:

 An interview with me during the residency and this project can be heard on the ICAF Vimeo channel:
Printed frames from this project were included in Artonomy exhibition in MART Gallery in Rathmines (installation shot)


Landing – a video dance collaboration with Aliina Lindroos

Landing is an ongoing collaborative project * between a visual artist and a contemporary dancer, both migrants out of choice, both away from their native land. Both artists are interested in understanding through their practice the meaning of a home, and the relationship between this term and one’s physicality and identity. They are interested in exploring the psychological processes of acculturation through a collision between language, image, and body.

Posted by Landing Collective on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Landing & Acculturation **

The scale we looked at as the scope of acculturation psychology in relation to this project runs along the following axes: assimilation-integration-marginalisation-separation. This scale acted as the lead consideration in the design of the various elements – the space, the video work, the performance. In 2017 Landing work focused on the meaning of water in the migration narrative, and during 2018 we worked with the theme of tradition in light of post-migration life.


The pilot install opened on the 2nd December 2016 in Eight Gallery in Dublin & a preview was included in the Platform Arts Belfast 2016 Members Show.

* with special thanks to our instrumental audio collaborator (and a local!), Dave Murphy.
** this concept was researched in reference to Immigration, Acculturation, and Adaptation (1997) by John W. Berry.

Excerpts from the project:

Being There – a video triptych

About the project:
The project’s 4-minute version was included in a moving image event at La Catedral Studios La Cat Salons: V*A*P*I*D Video Salon:

The 1-channel version of the project:
Being There

The individual videos, 1-minute each were originally created for the Toothache Duets video project:



Counting Steps




Videos for Performance Work

‘Caged Birds Cannot Fly’ TicToc Clock

38 Women was a site-specific (site aware) live performance directed and choreographed by Philippa Donnellan, part of the These Rooms project by CoisCeim Dance Theatre & ANU Productions. In the hallway room piece (internally called ‘Caged Birds Cannot Fly’ after the brilliant animation, taken witha feminist twist) the room was paced and controlled by this audio/visual clock projected. Documentation to come.

Made From Scratch by NWCI’s YFactor & director Oonagh Murphy

This project was produced as part of the Made From Scratch project & stage performance:
To celebrate the International Day of the Girl and mark International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.
A theatre piece presented by the NWCI youth project The Y Factor and theatre director Oonagh Murphy @ Axis Ballymun, 14th October 2014.The raw material for the video was shot by the participants as part of a workshop I gave during the project (Ania Bartoszek, Róisín Clarke, Dove Curpen, Jessica Keith, Aiobhéann McCann, Cate McGabhan, Jennifer Meade, Evalyne Muthoni, Lola White, Jade Sophie Wilson). Editing, sound, and art by me.NWCI project page.Photos from the event on FB event page.

FAT by Talking Shop Ensemble

This project was performed on stage at the Dublin Fringe Festival by TSE on September 2010.

A review of FAT (with a mention of my work at the end):

nine2five by Roi Vainshtein

Performers: Premshay Hermon, Aimey Leventhal

A Trail of Words – by Vertical Vision

Produced in 2007, never released

Animation Techniques Tests

Moving Traced Animation

Two Stylised Traced Animation

Rain 2D drawing Cutout

Zoomout Cutout Layers “reveal”

Miskeny Stop Motion 3D

Under Water AE 3D environment