No Exit (2006)

No Exit poses the participants/users in a room where the communication between them and the character jailed in the box in front of them is controlled by an external system. Questions are raised about the user-character-system relationship triangle: is the system responding in an arbitrary manner? Will the 2 users opt to hurt the other when it is possible? What control does the user have over the character? And finally: is there another, invisible user controlling the participant’s fate?


No Exit was included in the 1st Minshar Graduate gallery exhibition in 2006 in Tel Aviv.

No Exit was part of the first Minshar School of Art degree show in Tel Aviv, 2006. Programming: Nimrod Ram & Ben Schleimer; 3D modelling: Eedan Galim; Acting & Sound: Shani Erez; Videography: Shahak Paz; Mechanics & Welding: Yuval Been-noon, Dror Ravzin.