Joining Basic Space as a co-director

I am delighted to announce that I have been selected to join Basic Space in Dublin as a co-director. Basic Space is an independent art organisation with a programme of residencies, exhibitions and educational events in collaboration with practitioners and art institutions throughout Ireland.

I will be working with Róisín Bohan, Siobhán Mooney, and Julia Moustacchi, all brilliant figures in the Dublin art field.

Initially I am going to focus on working with the outreach and residencies team, and am very excited at this opportunity. Watch this space for future adventures!

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Text on Roee Rosen’s ‘Exorcisms’ at Project Arts Centre published on Circa Art Magazine’s THIS MATTERS NOW website.

For the first time since I moved to Ireland I saw an exhibition by an Israeli artist in Dublin. The work is political and critical and really stuck with me since the first time I saw it. I wrote about how the exhibition impacted me. As an Israeli person this point of view may not be exactly what others visiting the exhibition experienced but it felt important understanding the type of response such poignant work brings out of an engaged audience.

To read the text:

‘Exorcisms’ Project Arts Centre page:

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Critical Conversation about “Where You are Lost, We are Sidhe” with Michaele Cutaya at Engage Art Studios

I’m please to invite everyone to join us for the closing event of this exhibition project at Engage Art Studios in Galway, on Saturday 29th June, 1pm.

On the day, writer and editor Michaele Cutaya (CIRCA Magazine, Engage Art Studios board member) will facilitate a critical conversation about the artwork included in the exhibition. The conversation will take place at the gallery space and myself (curator of the project) as well as two of the artists, Ilaria Pellizzaro and Ruby Wallis will be present to take part and answer questions.

The aim is to discuss the artistic outcomes as well as the creative and conceptual intentions of the various pieces. This will be an interesting conversation and I can’t wait to hear what people have to say about the work.

This event is open to the public and you are most welcome to join us. Would be great to see you there!

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A week in Venice, part of the ZHDK Summer School workshop ‘Curating on the Move – Venice Biennale 2019’

I am delighted to have been accepted to take part in the ZHDK Summer School workshop ‘Curating on the Move – Venice Biennale 2019’ this week. The workshop will look into the theme of the 2019 Venice Biennale “May you live in interesting times” and the history of the Venice Biennale and its place in a globalised art world.

The focus of the workshop lies in concepts of communities, and how they may be influenced by artistic practice, artists and their art works. We will further develop on our research and display project Small Project for Coming Communities (

The workshop is organised by Dorothee RichterRonald Kolb in Cooperation with:

  • the Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ZHdK:
  • publication platform
  • the PhD in Practice in Curating, Practice-Based Doctoral Programme, University of Reading

This workshop is part of the Shared Campus Initiative.

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Grace Mitchell in Conversation with Moran Been-noon at Engage Art Studios

This Saturday 1pm come listen to Grace Mitchell & I talk about “Where you are Lost, We are Sidhe”. Free but RSVP required: email to reserve a seat.

The gallery is open Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays 12-5 until the 29th of June, showing work by Ilaria PellizzaroMonique BlomZara LynessAnushiya SundaralingamRuby Wallis.



Photo: Zara Lyness.

Where you are lost, we are Sídhe opens 25th May at Engage Art in Galway

A group exhibition curated by me and featuring work by artists Monique Blom, Zara Lyness, Ilaria Pellizzaro, Anushiya Sundaralingam, and Ruby Wallis is opening in Galway on the 25th May and will run until 29th June.

The opening event will include a performance by artist Zara Lyness at 5.30.


“[This] prompted me to wonder if ‘woman’ and ‘interior’ were synonymous.” Julieanna Preston, Performing Matter: Interior Surface and Feminist Actions

Where you are lost, we are Sídhe is exploring ideas situated between land art practice, traditionally-feminine creative crafts, and contemporary art practice. Each of the artwork presented is rooted to an action that began outdoors. The artists look at natural landscapes and social structures and explore their place within them as women, as artists, as occupants of space. Their actions are different from those of men artists who work with landscape: They do not conquer, they do not reshape, displace, or replace. They place a body or a texture, they harvest to create.

By creatively acting outdoors, indoors, and filling the space with their work, these artists are constituting a reality in which land art means placing and creating rather than displacing and reshaping. The idea of “constituting a reality” references Judith Butler’s ‘Performative Acts and Gender Constitution: An Essay in Phenomenology and Feminist Theory’ where Butler states that acting within public reality, unlike theatrical acting, potentially constitutes a changed reality. The work is rooted outdoors; it comments on the social structures that await us when we walk outside; it represents a creative relationship with land.



The exhibition opening event will be part of a day long celebratory launch of Engage Art’s new facility in Churchfields, Salthill. The day will include Open Studios and tours of the facility (1pm-4.30pm) where the public will get rare access to the Artist Studios, to see the how artist work and gain an insight in to the creative process. There will be free art demos for all ages in our workspace (1pm, 3pm). Please see for further details.


The Question of Feeling At Home opens 7 February, 6-9pm at PS² in Belfast

A group exhibition curated by me and featuring work by David O’Regan, Sarah Smith, Matthew Calderwood, and Cecilia Bullo is opening on the 7th February in Belfast and run 8 – 23 February.

The Question of Feeling At Home offers contemporary angles on the 20th century’s notions and practices of feeling at home. The idea of a traditional family having a home cooked meal and then retiring to sit by the fire is often irrelevant in 2019. Our lives are organised in various alternative ways as traditional roles in the home are challenged or shared.  Temporary living situations are more prevalent, and the structure of the family is viewed in a more fluid way.

The exhibition aims to be relevant to  those living with intellectual disabilities, with the view of home-living raising questions of independence, support, and community. For these individuals feeling at home is often a wider social matter of being accepted as equals in the community, raising questions of independent and supported living.
The work is rooted in the meaning of the term as a comforting routine in a permanent residence, with each piece proposing a different critical view on home living.
The Question of Feeling At Home exhibits work contributed by a group of artists including artists who are intellectually disabled, giving agency within the field to voices and narratives not often present in the independent art world. The idea of domestic is thus represented differently, attached to objects, politics, and economies rather than permanent routines or places.

Gallery page for this project with more details about the artists and the work is available here, a full documentation page will be available later in February in the main section of this site.


The project is produced in partnership with DoubleTAKE Studios established in 2010 by Tallaght Community Arts and ‘Moon Base’ a Paul Hamlyn funded project for and by people with Learning Disabilities, run by The Black Box Trust, and with thanks to: Gallery of the Atypical, Paula Larkin, Seonaid Murray, Sharon Devlin, Aliina Lindroos, Jessica Moore, Dr. Mary-ann O’Donovan, Aidan O’Regan, Deirdre Morrissey, Paul Moore, Helen Mac Mahon, and Jane Morrow.

2nd Anniversary of Landing

Two years ago today Landing had its first public showing, debuting a live performance and an exhibition in Eight gallery. To celebrate the eventful two years, we will be doing a week of celebrations with stories, posting specific memories from along the way.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see the highlights of our journey so far.



Landing Collective @ Tammam Atelier

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that starting the third week of October Landing Collective will be in residence with Tammam Atelier in London.

During the residency we will learn of the atelier’s method of working with textiles and observe the movements and gestures of the women working with House of Tammam. With the mentorship of Lucy Tammam we will run a workshop at the atelier during Bloomsbury Festival taking place in the neighbourhood. Finally, we’ll travel to Manchester to present new work at the FiLiArt100 conference.

Please get in touch if you want more information about any of the residency programme:

  • 18 October 1.45pm – 3.15pm Movement and Dance workshopFollow a thread that joins women’s traditions across cultures, then and today. Landing Collective choreographer invites women to explore and share their experiences of traditional female crafts through movement and dance. Explore your personal memories of the work your mother and grandmothers did, and the movements you inherited from them. We welcome migrants, migrant-born, and non-migrant women to journey into women’s work as a creative inspiration.

    Tickets: £5 suggested donation
    Limited spaces available, pay at the door. To book email

  • 20-21 October FiLiArt100 Conference 

    Where we will premiere our more recent moving image piece:Zikaruisto is a moving image- dance art project by Landing Collective, a visual art and performance collaboration focused on post-migration life. In Zikaruisto the protagonist, a migrant, evokes a memory of her mother’s movements when tatting lace, fixing clothes, folding, knitting, and minding the home. The textiles’ complexity and intricacy comes into her mind on a casual day on the streets of Dublin, where she lives, and she takes a moment to remember the tradition and feel it like rays of sun in the rainy Irish everyday. The work is inspired by fabrics and by the matriarchal traditions of textile production, as they re-appear in our memories of long-ago times and far-away lands. Recollection triggers gestures, and gestures trigger longing.

    Original music by Brian Murphy.