Landing Collective

Landing Collective – a video dance collaboration with Aliina Lindroos

Landing is an ongoing collaborative project * between a visual artist and a contemporary dancer, both migrants out of choice, both away from their native land. Both artists are interested in understanding through their practice the meaning of a home, and the relationship between this term and one’s physicality and identity. They are interested in exploring the psychological processes of acculturation through a collision between language, image, and body.

Posted by Landing Collective on Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Landing & Acculturation **
The scale we looked at as the scope of acculturation psychology in relation to this project runs along the following axes: assimilation-integration-marginalisation-separation. This scale acted as the lead consideration in the design of the various elements – the space, the video work, the performance. In 2017 Landing work focused on the meaning of water in the migration narrative, and during 2018 we worked with the theme of tradition in light of post-migration life.

The project launch exhibition opened on the 2nd December 2016 in Eight Gallery in Dublin & a preview was included in the Platform Arts Belfast 2016 Members Show.

* with special thanks to our instrumental audio collaborator (and a local!), Dave Murphy.
** this concept was researched in reference to Immigration, Acculturation, and Adaptation (1997) by John W. Berry.

Excerpts from the project: