How to Belong Series (2018-2021)

This project is a series of moving image, performance, and installations raising questions about post-migration reality and the feeling of belonging to a place. After exploring the idea of acculturation since 2013, this project acts as a culmination of sort, and was produced during the time my application for citizenship in Ireland was processed. In the work I “plant” my feet in the ground, checking whether it makes me feel, or perhaps look native.

Moving Image Pieces

Desert (21”39, 2018)

Filmed in the south of Israel.

Park (18”29, 2019)

Filmed in St. Anne’s Park in Dublin.

Beach Performance (2018)

This is a site-specific video performance piece produced for Artists’ Gathering event in Dublin in 2018. In the performance I examined a few questions regarding my identity as a non-Irish person living in Ireland. Situated at a distance from the gathering I “planted” my feet in the ground, testing whether it is possible to physically grow roots and feel like I belong. In a sand mound in front of me were three screens showing documentation of my planting myself in the Israeli desert, where I used to belong.

Images by Fiona Brennan, Cara Farnan, and Emma Brennan

Planted in the ground for two and a half hours I was too far for conversations, sharing food, and being part of the community. I was watching the videos of where I no longer completely belong, being far away from both my present and my past. There are many ways in which migrants attempt to belong, all come at a price, this performance is part of a series of work examining both the actions and their possible consequences.

Gallery Installation (2020-2021, WIP)

This version of the project was commissioned for a project developed by curator Diana Bamimeke for Basic Space, Dublin. The installation required a new moving image piece to be projected onto some organic material within the gallery. Due to COVID-19 lockdown the project was rescheduled to happen in February 2021, installation shots to follow.