How to Belong

This is a site-specific video performance piece produced for Artists’ Gathering event in Dublin in 2018. In the performance I examined a few questions regarding my identity as a non-Irish person living in Ireland. Situated at a distance from the gathering I “planted” my feet in the ground, testing whether it is possible to physically grow roots and feel like I belong. In a sand mound in front of me were three screens showing documentation of my planting myself in the Israeli desert, where I used to belong.

Images by Cara Farnan & Emma Brennan

Planted in the ground for two and a half hours I was too far for conversations, sharing food, and being part of the community. I was watching the videos of where I no longer completely belong, being far away from both my present and my past. There are many ways in which migrants attempt to belong, all come at a price, this performance is part of a series of work examining both the actions and their possible consequences.

Images by Fiona Brennan