Curatorial Work

Unsettlement | Paul Moore (

This exhibition is the latest outcome of the artist Paul Moore’s ongoing #nonarnia project. This Belfast-focused project critiques the adoption of fantastic cultural icons as signifiers of the gentrification processes.

For ‘Unsettlement’ Moore, a multidisciplinary Belfast-based artist, took over Gallery 1 of Platform Arts Belfast in July 2017 to create a No-Narnia No-Fantasy artistic comment to these administration-directed processes in Belfast.

The Unsettlement accompanying text by Dorothy Hunter is available on PARS – the Platform Arts Resource Space publication website.


Colour – Paint – Painting (Mini Site)

Colour – Paint – Painting is a collaborative exhibition by the artists Helen Mac Mahon, Kate O’Shea, and Elad Rosen and curated by Moran Been-noon, as part of the Platform – TACTIC curatorial exchange.  Each artist brings to this project their unique practice and their way of interpreting the concepts of painting as a method, paint and material, and the importance of light in visual art and the way it engages with its audience.

The three artists worked in their studios and in the gallery, developing the space as a collaborative piece as part of the preparatory process, and during the run of the exhibition. The work included layers of light, colour, paint, and print, involved a wide range of materials and methods, and formed an eclectic comment on contemporary painting and installation practices.

Artists Blog

Little Piece (Mini Site)

Little Piece is a title that follows “Pezzettino”, a book by Leo Lionni. In the book a little piece searches what it is part of, and eventually discovers that it is “itself”, an individual that is complex in its own. In this group exhibition the artists continue their work from the 2012 exhibition “Stories to Wake Up To”, focusing on a sense of being part – part of society, part of a community, being treated as a part and considered as an individual.


Epigraphing Rathmines (Project Page)

Celebrating the relationship between art, literary culture, and the life of the community in Rathmines, this experiment brings forward two cultural markers within the neighbourhood: the Rathmines Library and the MART art gallery and studios, and the public space between the two. Also see Blog Post about this project.

Significant Details

The 1st MA Thesis Show at National Media College. The title comes from this quote: “Life is not about significant details, illuminated a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are.” ― Susan Sontag
In their work, the students were not making their assertions about life, but about the manner in which visual art explores and represents issues of perception, identity, and community.


I Had Never Seen A Woman Conduct An Orchestra (Mini Site)

Moving image work by a group of Iranian women artists, organised by Parya Vatankhah, with texts by Sharon Har Paz (edited by Sara-Bella Rottenstein) are put together in an exhibition which explores the artists’ experience of their culture as women. The exhibit was graciously hosted by The Market Studios in Dublin, Ireland.


Re Act: Stories to Wake Up With (Mini Site)

This exhibit is an expansion of an ongoing art project aimed to encourage a critique of contemporary politics and its mainstream media representation. It is a part of a curatorial residency at The Market Studios in Dublin, Ireland.


grained: C&M at The Back Loft (link)

A one night gallery event presenting the work of local and international artists, featuring a video produced by the NI group N-55. [Writing about this show]


Think Tank : C&M at the Electric Picnic Festival

The Cannons & Muses Think Tank (Think Yurt?) curated for the Electric Picnic 2009 festival. [Writing about this show]


GradCAM’s Presentation on the HEA exhibit @ Science Gallery Nov. 2008

The GradCAM ‘booth’ at the HEA Show, including videos and interactive interfaces presenting the organisation and its content.



A first of its kind public showcase of the 1st year products of the MFA Computer Arts students at SVA in New York.


What Do You Mean :: He(ro)  (in Hebrew)

Two pair of illustrations accompanied by texts exploring the image of women in popular culture as it appears in comic-book based films.


Let’s Call it routine (in Hebrew)

A web archive of articles written by a Gaza resident between 2004-2005.