Being There (2013)

Being There is a three-piece video series. The videos are a non-specific representation of an identity that is at the same time personal and political, foreign and local, present and absent.

The footage is shot at several locations in Ireland and Israel, two countries in which I have specific interest. In the three videos there is a depiction of real life moments when the routine act, such as those that make the base layer of each video, are disturbed; moments of sudden shifts in focus, when thoughts appear to remind one of the dissonance between identity and presence.

The Being There project was exhibited in the following:

2014 Culture Night & Hospital Shop Window Festival, Hospital, Co. Limerick, 2014

V*A*P*I*D Video Salon @ La Catedral Studios, Dublin, 2013

Toothache Duets online & Gallery event at
]performance space[, London, 2013

About the project:

The 1-channel version of the project:
Being There

The individual videos, 1-minute each, were originally created for the Toothache Duets video project.