Landing Collective @ Tammam Atelier

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that starting the third week of October Landing Collective will be in residence with Tammam Atelier in London.

During the residency we will learn of the atelier’s method of working with textiles and observe the movements and gestures of the women working with House of Tammam. With the mentorship of Lucy Tammam we will run a workshop at the atelier during Bloomsbury Festival taking place in the neighbourhood. Finally, we’ll travel to Manchester to present new work at the FiLiArt100 conference.

Please get in touch if you want more information about any of the residency programme:

  • 18 October 1.45pm – 3.15pm Movement and Dance workshopFollow a thread that joins women’s traditions across cultures, then and today. Landing Collective choreographer invites women to explore and share their experiences of traditional female crafts through movement and dance. Explore your personal memories of the work your mother and grandmothers did, and the movements you inherited from them. We welcome migrants, migrant-born, and non-migrant women to journey into women’s work as a creative inspiration.

    Tickets: £5 suggested donation
    Limited spaces available, pay at the door. To book email

  • 20-21 October FiLiArt100 Conference 

    Where we will premiere our more recent moving image piece:Zikaruisto is a moving image- dance art project by Landing Collective, a visual art and performance collaboration focused on post-migration life. In Zikaruisto the protagonist, a migrant, evokes a memory of her mother’s movements when tatting lace, fixing clothes, folding, knitting, and minding the home. The textiles’ complexity and intricacy comes into her mind on a casual day on the streets of Dublin, where she lives, and she takes a moment to remember the tradition and feel it like rays of sun in the rainy Irish everyday. The work is inspired by fabrics and by the matriarchal traditions of textile production, as they re-appear in our memories of long-ago times and far-away lands. Recollection triggers gestures, and gestures trigger longing.

    Original music by Brian Murphy.



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