Landing Project Preview & Launch

Landing is the experimental launch of Landing, a collaborative project involving moving image, video dance, and choreographic work, my collaborator on this project is the very talented Aliina Lindroos (choreography & performance). Landing deals with the idea of acculturation psychology when discussing their own creative and physical responses to the experience of immigration and acculturation.

In the context of this collaboration the scope of acculturation responses acted as the leading consideration in the design of the various elements – the space, the video work, the performance.

A 1-channel video preview to the project can be seen in Belfast, in Platform Arts Members Show, opening on the 1st December (updates here:

The project will be launched in Dublin on the 2nd of December at Eight Gallery. The work has a live element which will be performed on opening night only, fusing the two artistic worlds of gallery and stage into one experience – movement in image and body.

Opening Friday 2nd December 6.30pm
Performance times on opening night 6.45pm, 7.30pm, 8.15pm


Exhibition runs until Saturday 10th December
Gallery opening hours:
Monday – Saturday
10.00 – 17.30

Project website:





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